Forget romance! All you want is a bit of RESPECT!

It's been a journey, and maybe there was some real connection at the beginning. Or maybe the relationship always had a more 'functional' feeling.

But whatever deal you signed up for in the past isn't working for you any more. Maybe it never did work.

Maybe you just went along with someone who was clearer that you about what they wanted.

And the longer it's gone on, the easier it has become just go along with it. Despite the lonliness and rejection.

Because to admit that the relationship is a lie would have been too much to take on. We just didn't have the resources then to face up to that. Too many commitments made, too many people involved.

But now we can see that the only way that things are going to change is if we change.

We can't live in hope any more.

That's what landed us in this mess in the first place.

We need to take action:

1. to see that we have to take responsibility for our own needs

2. that we have to show up at a 10/10 in energy

3. that we need to define our compelling purpose and direction

No-one can do it for us - but we don't have to do it on our own either!

Get in contact to set up a free Discovery Call today, and take back control of your relationship and your life.

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Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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