Relationship Hell, Misery & Loneliness

Are you disappointed with your relationship because it's not as exciting and easy as you would like it to be?

Do you wonder what's wrong with you because you don't manage to manifest your perfect partner? Or perhaps you wonder what's wrong with them?

We know from our own lives as well as that of our clients that when intimate relationships are not working, it can bring us to our knees. Is it the fact that we have this idealism that our relationship should be perfect that makes it even more uncomfortable to accept that it's broken? Or is it the fact that we instinctively look to the people we are closest to for support that makes their rejection even harder to take? And that in many cases a dysfunctional relationship will not only destroy our own self-confidence and self-worth, and that also of other people involved such as other family members and children.  Actually, when our relationship goes wrong ends up in an impact of all the areas of our lives: health, work, business, family, fanances...

How are the relationships of those whose you've sought advice? We know that body language, language patterns and other different clues never lie and when we ask some friends about their relationship life and they say that it's amazing we know that words are a 4% of the truth.

So what's the truth?

If you are one of these people struggling right now, let us tell you that we feel for you, since we at have been there ourselves. No matter how difficult things seem, please remember that with the right approach and strategies things can be turned around for the better - and what's more that while action is required, it's not about will power or being motivated, rather about being clear on who you are and what you want.... being 'Aligned'.

Inspired action is all you need. It's actually the only thing that works. 



Below you can link to 4 short videos that will explain how you can start to overcome your biggest relationship challenges!



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“We were going through a rough time and were blessed and most appreciative of the wonderful assistance from Matt and Rebeca - so much respect and understanding, helping us to understand the true way of life and showing us the best way to deal with things. We could not be thinking the way we do without these insights. Many thanks and we love you guys so much!” 


Andy Foster


Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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